Application Requirements

The EFT Reader software is a viewer of EFT scenarios and model output. Users who do not have an analysis copy of the EFT database cannot create new scenarios or edit existing scenarios using the Reader. The EFT Reader links with a centralized copy of the EFT database located on a remote server. The public EFT Reader database currently (as of August 2012) contains a suite of fully configured scenarios, derived from the Sacramento River Ecological Flows Study and from test scenarios supplied by DWR and project partners. Future versions of the EFT Reader database may include EFT results for simulations based on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan’s proposed conveyance and habitat restoration measures (once these data sets enter public domain).

To use the EFT Reader, you must have:

    • You must have an active internet connection in order to connect to the remote EFT database.
    • Disk Space – a minimum of 50MB of space is recommended for the program itself including dependencies. Disk space requirements depend on the number of Excel reports generated where each one is ~ 850KB per indicator and year, as well as the cache size limit set for base maps, which is by default 10MB .
    • Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel 2007 (or higher) is required to generate non-spatial reports.
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 - If it is not present on your system, the installation will prompt you to obtain and install it.